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Hoving makes 

ambient music.


About Hoving

Hoving is the ambient and downtempo project of Stuttgart based artist Thomas Kiefer. Although he has played the guitar since his youth, he has always had an affinity for electronic music. The shift in his tastes towards ambient music some ten years ago eventually led to the conception of Hoving in 2017. Interwoven with his music is a continuing passion for photography, visible in his album artwork and music video visuals.

With an explorative approach in mind, Hoving's goal is to musically map the field between electronic, acoustic, and organic sounds. In doing so, he almost exclusively uses hardware synths and grooveboxes in addition to conventional and unconventional instruments. This hands-on way of making music allows him to mostly work away from the confines of computer screens and to let his creativity flow naturally. The result is an often somber, intricate, and complex sound, but one which is always calm.

The first EP A Primer on the Properties of Air serves as a musical introduction to Hoving, mimicking the atmospheric changes of differing altitudes and offering a journey through wide soundscapes and uncanny valleys. All four tracks were produced without the use of a computer and recorded live, partially in his home, but also on trains.


Since then, Hoving has collaborated with other producers from Berlin and Esslingen, and has performed live e.g. at Stuttgart's Stadtpalais and Zionskirche church in Berlin.



Are you a musician looking for a collaboration?

Are you a creative, videographer or animator?

Let's create something exciting.

Are you a film maker, advertiser, developer 

or just looking for music for your project?

Let's work together.

Do you own a cafe, club, bar or other venue?

Are you hosting an exhibition or event and

think an ambient (live) set might be a good fit?

Let's talk about it.

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